Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Entrepreneur Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 1

Entrepreneur - Essay Example Similar examples exist in the society and include interests in political appointment to the federal government (Gimpel 28). The entrepreneurial experience of Theodore Judah offers many lessons that are still relevant today. Theodore’s experience explains the role of hardwork and determination in entrepreneurial success, qualities that have been coined to define successful entrepreneurs. Theodore’s efforts to seeks support from politicians and business men and the success that he achieved defines his hardwork while his continuous efforts, despite discouraging encounter, in seeking support for the railroad project explains his determination as well as perseverance that can help today’s entrepreneurs to overcome challenges and succeed in their entrepreneurial ventures (Gimpel 29- 34). Your essay on Gustavus Swift is explorative and informative. I however believe that it is not strong in captivating the audience and also in attracting the audience’s attention. Including a thesis statement in the introductory paragraph and using subheadings for major points would have improved the essay’s effectiveness. The audience however has to strain to grasp information. Your essay on Lewis Tappan identifies professionalism in writing. Organizing the work into subsections and using headings helps the audience to understand a essay’s main points and helps in attracting attention into the essay. The presentation is also simple and identifies critical information such as the period in which Tappan lives, his life in business, and his business

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