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The Sequence Of Chemical Reactions :: essays research papers

The rank of Chemical ReactionsINTRODUCTION This experiment was to recover the most amount of shit after itis subjected to a sequence of reactions. The strapper is origin every(prenominal)y in self-colouredform, but the reactions will turn it into free Cu+2 ions natation in tooth root.The ions will then be regrouped to form solid shit once again. During thisprocess, however, some of the Cu+2 ions may be lost. The cop will subjectedto changes in pH and heat. These steps were responsible for the breakdown and reconstruction of the copper. The percent of copper retrieved will reflect theskill with which the reactions were administered.EXPERIMENTAL On an analytical balance, measure the mass of the copper while inthe vial. get out approximately 0.35 g into a 250 mL beaker. check the balanceand constitution the mass of the remaining mixture in the vial. In the laboratoryhood, separate the copper with 3 mL of nitric acid. Allow the beaker toremain low the hood until the fumes ce ase. The remaining solution should beblue. Bring the beaker venture to the lab station and tot up 10 mL of distilledwater. Stir the mixture, all the while adding 8 mL of 6M of NaOH to thebeaker. Check with litmus paper to get word that it is slightly basic. Fill thebeaker with up to 100 mL mark with distilled water. light up the solution and allowit to boil for 5 minutes. Prepare a jet plane bottle with hot water. Filter thesolution and rinse the beaker with the hot water. moisten the filter cake withhot distilled water. Transfer the filter paper into a clean beaker. Add 10mL of 3M sulfuric acid to the beaker in order to dissolve the filtrate. Removeand rinse the filter paper. Now add 0.35 g of zinc powder to the solution andstir until the solution becomes clear. take apart the excess zinc with moresulfuric acid. Decant the liquid with a stirring rod, retaining only the copper.Rinse the copper with distilled water and steam dry. moot the mass.DATA/RESULTS initial mass of copper (g)0.319 final mass ofcopper (g)0.305 % recovery = (final mass/initial mass) x 10095.6OBSERVATIONS -between steps 1 through 4 the solution is blue. -between steps 5through 8 the solution is dark brown. -between steps 9 through 12 the solutionis blue-green. -between steps 13 through 16 the Zinc turns red as the blue colorslowly leaves the solution.CALCULATIONS % Recovery = (final mass / initial mass) x 100 % Recovery = (0.

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