Friday, February 15, 2019

Compare how visual images are used in Blessing and one other poem Essay

Compare how visual images are engrossd in Blessing and peerless other issuings(Vultures) to highlight governmental issues.The poet of Blessing Imtiaz Dharker and the poet of Vultures ChinuaAchebe twain use visual images to highlight the political issues inboth poetrys. However both poems are very disparate from each other and seam from of the poets views. The poem Blessing is or so(predicate) a waterpipe bursting and how that is a blessing, as in the plain they livein water is very restrain and it doesnt rain much in the country. Thepoem Vultures is about the loathsomeness of fight and how evil always has goodand good always has evil. The contrast in the two poems is Blessing isabout Poverty and lack of water, whereas Vultures is about war andethnic dying. In the poem Blessing the poet discusses the theme of ordinal worldpoverty and the lack of water through using different languagefeature. For model line one The bark cracks like a pod. Using likein the sentence it shows that the poet is comparing dry skin to a pod,a pod dries out till it crack. There is excessively onomatopoeia used inthis poem, sliver crashes to the ground crash is normally a negativeonomatopoeia as the first thing that may come to our place may be carcrash however it is used as a positive as it is used with silver.Silver is a prize metal and is precious, this shows how precious thewater was to them. In the poem Vultures the poet discusses the themeof war and ethnic dying by using different language features. Forexample in Vultures the poet has used repetition of death and negativevocabulary a number of different times. perching high on broken boneof a dead tree in the phrase there are drag negative words. Thesenegative words show that the Vul... ...g and Vultures to show the different political issues. Inthe poem Blessing visual images are portrayed about third worldpoverty, and in the poem Vultures it more about war a more politicalissue. Even though poverty is a poli tical issue it could be easilystopped but would foreshorten a yearn time. War alternatively would take along time and could also easily be. In contrast poverty could moreover becreated by other countries it could also be created by the countryits self. For example in the poem Vultures the commandment could stop distinguished rules for others to follow, this would use up a stop to evil.However gathering the money to bring poverty to end would take anumber of months. The in poem Blessing I thought the country may haltbeen breathing in poverty for a number of years and didnt have water fora number weeks. This could have lead to a number of deaths.

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