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Dramatic Conventions

Dario Fo- toilett abide? Wont buckle under raiset indemnify? Wont net profit Is ground on Dario Fos Non Si Paga? Non Si Paga , a semipolitical work that he wrote to cozy up the dilemma of ordinary Italian workers during the frugal crisis of the 1970s. It is said that through Dario Fos turns he gets both the peoples entertainer and the peoples spokes public. What is meant by this is that Fo better connects with his auditory sense by entertain them with their own thoughts. He speaks for the audience and stands up for the working club citizens and political injustice.His scarper implied that he had full erect for the abase class workers redden though they use crimes. He believed that they had no otherwise prime(a) than to do so, they only did it to survive. Through start Cant move over? Wont pay Fo uses various spectacular conventions. One Dramatic convention that Fo uses to better connect with the audience is the breaking of the twenty-five percent wall. In dra ma the ordinal wall is the invisible wall that stands amidst the actors on stage and the audience, it separates the hu bitness and situations created on stage from our reality.What it means to break the fourth wall is that the actors mystify broken guttle the theoretical wall between the world on stage and reality, making the audience aw are that they are in position watching a reanimate. The way that Fo breaks gobble up the fourth wall is by the use of the aforesaid(prenominal) actor in multiple roles. The character of the sergeant, inspector, old man and undertaker was played by the same actor. Fo did this to create a identification in the audience that they had seen the same man previously making them aware that they are in fact watching a play therefore breaking down the fourth wall.Another prominent convention that Fos uses throughout Cant give in? Wont correct Is the use of slapstick humor. Slapstick is a type of frivolity involving exaggerated tangible violenc e or activities which exceed the boundaries of car park sense, much(prenominal) as in the snapshot where Margherita and Antonia are convincing the inspector that Margherita is freeing into labour when she really just has stolen goods surreptitious underneath her shirt. By using this mode of comedy Fo connects with the middle class working man. Though this style of comedy is extremely entertaining Fo in fact is distracting us from his real augur.The point that he is trying to make by using this style of comedy is dictum that the government is like the style of comedy how they exceed the boundaries of common sense. Another dramatic convention use throughout the play is black humor. Cant Pay? Wont Pay too deals with death. This happens when the sergeant accidentally bumps his head and expunge unconscious. Whilst trying to revive the sergeant Antonia and Margherita introduce the sergeant hydrogen, which does not revive him unless causes his belly to swell.This makes them b elieve that they have killed a policeman. Black humor make up of domestic violence and death is virtuoso of the almost unique assets of the drama. Coincidences also play an important role throughout the play. victimisation coincidences Fo brings comedy to his audience. One warning of this is example is that when Luigi and Giovanni are having difficulty decision making where to hide the sacks without organism caught by the governing this is when the undertaker appears. So both Giovanni and Luigi influence to put the sacks into the casket so that they may not be found.At the end of the play, Giovanni and Antonia harness both of them have stolen something and that both of them had hid the squelch in their house. Without This coincidence they would not have been lead them to apologize to each other in the end. Throughout Cant Pay? Wont Pay Fo integrated real political events in his play. This play is based on a true event He was inspired by a consumer rebellion during the econo mic crisis of the mid-1970s in which people had declined to pay inflated prices.Increased living costs and higher(prenominal) unemployment rates at the time made it difficult for the working class to survive. In this play, Fo let people of the frown class and working class such as housewives and factory workers, revolt to contest for their own rights of survival. For my practical work with a monologue from Cant Pay? Wont Pay I had played the character of Giovanni. I had recreated the fit from act one where Giovanni cleans up after(prenominal) Margheritas water breaks. The character Giovanni is a man of integrity.He would rather die than eliminate and had even claimed he would kill his wife if he ever found out that she has stolen. He created Giovanni to mock those in corporation who obey the government under every circumstances. This expectation perfectly illustrates his point. In this scene we see that Giovanni is quite naive to the summons of childbirth and is willing to accept it even though it makes no sense whatsoever. This is shown in the line Blimey, all this water precisely what a strange smell, like acetum yeah, sort of drench. Ill be demonic I didnt know that before being born we spent nine months brine? .As we can see Giovanni is extremely greenish and will believe almost anything that he is told, this also adds to the comedic element of the scene. Dario Fos play Cant Pay? Wont Pay Has used various types of dramatic conventions such as black humor, the breaking down of the fourth wall, use of slapstick humor and coincidences. These features are why Cant Pay? Wont Pay Has become one of Fos most famous works of drama. Fos Trait of writing politically disputed plays about working class has changed views on political injustice and has successfully obtained the support of audiences everywhere.

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