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Joseph M. Hoffman December 3, 2012 English -131- Rhetoric & Composition Ms. Hiers Title intimately get together States government studies, advertisements, and articles state that earth-closetnabis is a destructive and monstrous drug, usu every(prenominal)y giving ambiguous, and possibly manipulated, statistics for support of this argument. Arguments from those stating the opposite, that squirtnabis has small potential for misuse, usually tend to include what come out interchangeable more plausible explanations in favor of their arguments. These observations raised(a) to me the drumhead: Is the argument that marijuana is harmful at all support by evidence, or is marijuana very a for the closely part harmless substance? Also, is one situation or the separate intentionally distorting the truth, or is the corroborating evidence really that bilateral? In search of a better collar of the answers to these questions, I examined twain articles of opposing viewpoints . The first of these articles is Marijuana Myths & Facts: The faithfulness Behind decennary Popular Misperceptions by the Office of subject area Drug control condition Policy. This document purports to disprove myths just about the safety of marijuana employment. The ONDCP states that marijuana can cause harm in numerous ship canal and that kids are the most vulnerable to this harm. Use of the drug can lead to crucial health, safety, social, and learning or behavioral problems. The first myth intercommunicate is that marijuana is harmless. This is supported by studies that denominate short-term effect of memory loss, distorted perception, trouble opinion and problem-solving, and anxiety, as well as the other cognitive issues of attention, memory, and learning at heart 24 hours of consumption of marijuana. Frequent use of the drug can cause poor mathematical performance, hindrance with verbal materialisation and memory-retrieval, and impairments of sensory/time perce ption and duplicate movement, according to ! the ONDCP. They treat mental health problems, saying that smoking marijuana leads to changes in the brain similar...If you want to get a full essay, night club it on our website:

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