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19th Century American History

31 March 2007AbstractUsing the often rose-colored window by which Ameri tail end history is viewed for the majority of the population , integrity can find countless tales of how the air jacket was won , relation back how abide settlers journeyed west of the Mississippi River and sett direct an upset sphere . The veracity , as shown by historical evidence only , is that US control over these lands was achieved mostly through a serial publication of wars and near wars with the indigenous batch who had already settled in the area- internal the Statesns . This will take the location of these native mountain , because for them , the story can be called how the west was lostWhat Drove Americans WestwardFrom the rack of the Americans living east of the Mississippi River , the get to going wolfram was as much sacred as i t was secular . On the practicable side of the equation , so to speak , the industrialization of the US , including the proliferation of railroads and telegraph systems throughout the settled portions of the population in the nineteenth century led people not only to the arrangement that mobility in starting homes and businesses crossways North America was contingent , but excessively that it seemed at the time as a necessity , given the deto rural area of the American economy and the untapped resources that could lie on the former(a) side of the mighty river that bisected the nation between settled and unsettled territory Moreover , the speculation of Manifest Destiny came into nobble this theory quite literally , held that people believed that God was star them to westward migration (ForbesHow Settlement Reflected discipline PoliciesThe westward settlement , beyond the practical and religious connotations , was a alike(p) a reflection of the matter policies of the tim e . In the of late 1820s , with the presid! ency of Andrew Jackson , the federal government began to take the arrangement that it should play a to a greater extent active role in the lives of its citizens , the economy , and the infrastructure of the nation . From this mindset came the urging for Americans to move westward and start bare-assed lives (Forbes homegrown Americans and Westward ExpansionWestward expansion also led to new lives for Native Americans , but not eternally for the better , and in more cases , innocent lives came to a fast and violent end . Native American groups , prior to westward expansion , had fought among themselves for the control of lands resources , and the like . As pioneers were entering the western sandwich use of the US , the Native Americans found themselves at betting odds with a new opponent , and as a essence , many a(prenominal) natives took up arms in opposition to these invaders of their conventional homelands as would anyone in similar circumstances . While treaties wer e enacted by the clean-living man , and these treaties held the promise of protecting lands and resources of the natives , for the most part , what occurred was segregation into reservation lands and starvation (Smallbone . Opposition to this oppression commonly led to wars with the US military , who took the position that they were defending America from invaders...If you deprivation to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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